The APD Warranty forms part of APD’s standard service offering and protects our customers against loss or damage of freight, with guaranteed quick claim settlement and no excess applied to the amount claimed, and is applied to all consignments. The APD Warranty will protect you up to $1,000 per freightnote, as per the terms and conditions of the offering. Should you wish to increase your APD Warranty to $1,500 of protection per freightnote, please contact your account manager to discuss further.

Furthermore, all claims will be managed by a professional 3rd party claims administrator, APD.

Importantly, the APD Warranty will only be applied to APD services that have been paid for, and will not be available on tickets or services that were purchased prior to the 1st of March 2015.



First Time with us?



1. We cover all of SA

APD has the largest delivery network in South Australia. Unlike most courier companies That only cover Adelaide metro, we provide a twice-daily service to outer-zone areas including the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, Murray Bridge and Victor Harbor. We are equipped to handle anything from a parcel to a pallet throughout the city, suburbs, country South Australia, or even interstate through our freight partners

2. We're cost-effective

Thanks to the critical mass of our parcel delivery network and our use of regular daily rounds, we're alot more efficient than other couriers. That means less cost to us, and you. On top of that, You'll also save because you only need the one account with just one company to look after all your delivery needs Australia-wide.

3. We get to know you

Our unique Parcel Delivery service means you have a designated driver for your daily pickups and deliveries. So you get to know them and they get to know your business: Whom to see, where to go, critical timings and all the other little details you don't want to re-brief a courier on every time you order one.

4. We make it easy

The pre-paid colour-coded ticket system for our Parcel Delivery service is a quick and easy way to organise any delivery. You always know exactly where you stand with your courier costs and there are no delays for accounts or receipts. With APD tickets on hand, you're just a phone call away from any delivery.

5. We're accountable

The ticket that goes with each individual parcel has a barcode, giving every single delivery an identification that registers electronically as it passes through our system. By visiting our web site and logging in with your user name and password, you can monitor the progress of any parcel through our track 'n' trace service.

6. we're reliable

APD is South Australia's oldest parcel delivery company.You only last in this business if you're accountable on every single job. Every weekday, we deliver thousands of parcels with a delivery record that's the envy of our competition.

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Packaging Guidelines
A handy guide to help you safely pack and send your parcels
To help ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely it's important you follow these simple guidelines to:
• Protect your item against damage while it is being transported and delivered.
• Protect other customers' items. You could be liable for damage to other items if it is caused by inadequate packaging of your parcel.
• Protect APD Contractors and equipment against injury or damage.
Your responsibility
As the sender, you are the only person who knows exactly what is inside your parcel. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your item is packaged correctly and does not contain prohibited or hazardous goods.
By accepting a parcel APD does not acknowledge the packaging is adequate or the contents are acceptable. That is up to you. To check if your item is prohibited or hazardous,
Internal Packaging
Internal cushioning and strong external packaging protect your article against knocks and shocks. Cushioning material should be packed around all sides. Suggested packaging materials are:
• Handi Bubble Wrap
• Polychips
• Corrugated cardboard
• Shredded or rolled paper
• Polyethylene foam sheeting
Wrap the item enough times so that you can no longer feel the shape of the object. Items packed together in one container should be individually wrapped and separated from each other with more cushioning material.
If you are sending heavy items make sure they can't move within the parcel during transport, as this could damage the outer packaging.


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