Runs for Sale

Our drivers have a stake in the areas they service. They are able to build equity in their delivery run through their excellent customer service and are able to benefit from this business they are building.

From time to time we have delivery runs available for sale. They will be listed here and potential drivers are interviewed by APD to determine their suitability and their commitment to our standards of customer service.

To be notified of any available delivery runs as they are advertised, please register your interest using the web form below. We will advise you of any opportunities as they arise.

“What makes a good driver for APD? My opinion is that you need to be someone that wants to do the job. A lot of people in our industry buy themselves a run just as a job but they find that it’s not what they want and it’s too hard for them. For me, if someone wants to do it, then they’re the ones who are likely to stay. And that shows in your customer service. You’ll succeed in this industry if you are keen to help your customers and enjoy what you do.”

Phil Crase, APD driver

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