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APD Parcel Delivery has an extensive delivery network throughout country South Australia and the rest of the nation. We work closely with out delivery partners throughout the country to provide our customers with an efficient, cost effective and fully integrated on-forwarding system.

We can accommodate anything from an envelope to a full load and our systems are designed to source the cheapest price from our many delivery partners. These road based services allow our customers traceability and reliability that their goods will arrive on time.

To talk about your specific delivery needs to country South Australia and interstate please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff.

APD Sundry Charges
APD Dangerous Goods Policy


The APD Warranty forms part of APD's standard service offering and protects our customers against loss or damage of freight.
The APD Warranty will protect you up to $1,000 per freight note, as per the conditions of the offering. Should you wish to increase your APD Warranty to $1,500 of protection per freight note please contact your account manager to discuss further.
Importantly, the APD Warranty will only be applied to the APD services that have been paid for and will not be available on tickets or services that were purchased prior to the 1st of March 2015.


To help ensure your parcel gets to its destination safely it is important you follow these simple guidelines to:

  • Protect your item against damage while it is being transported and delivered.
  • Protect other customer's items - you could be liable for damage to other items if it is caused by inadequate packaging of your parcel.
  • Protect APD contactors and equipment against injury or damage.

Your responsibility:

As the sender you are the only person who knows what is inside your parcel. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your item(s) are packaged correctly and do not contain prohibited or hazardous goods unless correctly placarded. By accepting a parcel APD does not acknowledge the packaging is adequate or the contents are acceptable. That is up to you. To check if your item is prohibited or hazardous please read the APD Dangerous Goods Transportation Policy or contact APD Parcel Delivery.

Internal cushioning and strong external packaging protect your article against knocks or shocks. Cushioning material should be packed around all sides, suggested packing materials include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Polychips
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Shredded or rolled paper
  • Polyethylene foam sheeting

It is important to wrap the item enough times so that you can no longer feel the shape of the object. Items packed together in one container should be individually wrapped and separated from each other with more cushioning material. If you are sending heavy items make sure they can't move within the parcel during transport as this could damage the outer packaging and the items themselves.


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