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Where's my parcel?

Customers can track the progress of their parcel through our Track n Trace facility and using their customer ID and password. You can track by the job number and by the ticket number.

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When is my parcel going to be delivered

If your parcel has been registered in our parcel delivery network, it should  be delivered in the next half-day. For example, if it is picked up by our drivers in the morning, it should be delivered in the afternoon. If it is picked up in the afternoon, it should be delivered the next morning.

Don’t forget – you can ALWAYS track your parcel’s progress

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What time will my parcel be picked up?

With the ½ day parcel delivery service, we can’t make a specific time as the drivers are picking up different packages every day, but morning pickups will be between 8am and 12 noon and afternoon pickups will be between 1pm and 5pm.

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How can I buy new tickets?

You can place a ticket order by emailing us, by fax or by calling our call centre.

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What if I put the wrong ticket (or no ticket) on my parcel?

If you put the wrong ticket on your parcel, it will be corrected at the depot. You will be charged the correct delivery charge and a handling fee through your normal account.

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How do I open an account?

Opening an account is easy. Just fill in a credit application and return it to us. We’ll go through it and set it up for you, pending approvals.

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How do I make a booking?

Book online or call us and speak to an operator.

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What if my parcel is damaged?

Good news; as of the 1st of March 2015, all your freight is protected through the APD Warranty, which covers your parcels against loss or damage.

Should you wish to make a claim, please download and submit a claim form within 48 hours, which can be found on our website.

Importantly, the APD Warranty will only be applied to APD services that have been paid for, and will not be available on tickets or services that were purchased prior to the 1st of March 2015.

Please note that terms and conditions do apply.

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What if no-one is at the delivery address?

If no-one will be at the delivery address, we need permission of the receiver to leave a parcel at their premises. As the sender, you will need to arrange this in advance.

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What happens if I send a parcel to be paid by the receiver and they don’t pay?

If you send a parcel with a Collect Freight ticket and the receiver doesn’t pay, the charge will revert to you, the sender. You will be billed through your monthly account.

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How does track and trace work?

When all packages enter the APD Delivery Network, they are automatically barcoded when you put a delivery ticket on them. Then at every stage of the package’s journey, that barcode is recorded – when it’s picked up from you, when it arrives into our depot and when it leaves.

This is tied into our online Track n Trace system, so you can check your package’s progress at any stage of its journey.

It’s another part of our customer service – and another way you know APD delivers on its promises.

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What is classified as metro zone and what is classified as outer zone?

Please refer to our distribution lists which contain the relevant zones for each suburb/town in our delivery network.

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Why do I have extra charges on my delivery?

If you use our direct courier service and there is waiting time for the driver at either end, waiting charges are incurred. Other charges may be applied if the wrong ticket is on your parcel and we need to rectify the problem.

You can minimise these by ensuring your consignment is ready for loading and unloading at each end of the delivery process.

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When will I be charged for my delivery?

We have monthly accounts that are sent to your business for any deliveries in the month.

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